[Warning] Aborted connection 162746 to db: (Got an error reading communication packets)


2017-04-10 05:37:49 14557 [Warning] Aborted connection 162746 to db: 'bigbiglife' user: 'bigbiglife' host: 'localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets)



If a client is unable even to connect, the server increments the Aborted_connects status variable. Unsuccessful connection attempts can occur for the following reasons:

  • A client attempts to access a database but has no privileges for it.
  • A client uses an incorrect password.
  • A connection packet does not contain the right information.
  • It takes more than connect_timeout seconds to obtain a connect packet. See Section 6.1.5, “Server System Variables”.

If a client successfully connects but later disconnects improperly or is terminated, the server increments the Aborted_clients status variable, and logs an Aborted connection message to the error log. The cause can be any of the following:

  • The client program did not call mysql_close() before exiting.
  • The client had been sleeping more than wait_timeout or interactive_timeout seconds without issuing any requests to the server. See Section 6.1.5, “Server System Variables”.
  • The client program ended abruptly in the middle of a data transfer.

Other reasons for problems with aborted connections or aborted clients:

  • The max_allowed_packet variable value is too small or queries require more memory than you have allocated for mysqld. See Section B.5.2.10, “Packet Too Large”.


[root@shunzi ~]# grep -E 'max_allowed_packet|wait_timeout|interactive_timeout' /etc/my.cnf
wait_timeout                    = 600
interactive_timeout             = 600
max_allowed_packet              = 32M

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